February 25, 2018

Boutique Northern Hotel to Open in Montana

Inside the shell of a hotel that was destroyed in a fire in 1940, The Northern is a luxe hotel that opened this weekend in Montana—complete with regional restaurants and cool Old West decor. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]

Open letter in HD Mining case not received

One of the unions that has been pushing for Canadians to be given first crack at work at a coal mine in Tumbler Ridge hasn't received an open letter that's addressed to it. That from spokesperson, Brian Cochrane. A letter from HD Mining says the company is willing to talk with the two unions that have taken it to Court. But, HD says it must be … [Read more...]

More Shelters Set to Open

Vision Vancouver Councillor Kerry Jang admits inspite of the goal to stamp out homelessness there will always be a need for shelter space. Jang says circumstances change, economies change and poverty is still an issue in BC so he says there will always be people on the street who need help. Meanwhile the Province is getting set to open emergency … [Read more...]

Vancouver Chiefs request PM keep Kits Station open

The Chiefs of the Vancouver Police and Fire Departments have written the Prime Minister urging Stephen Harper to overturn the decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base.  Police Chief Jim Chu and Fire Chief Jim McKearney say plans to offset the closure aren't good enough.  They say the transfer of all Vancouver area incidents to the … [Read more...]

New Port Mann bridge now open to eight lanes of traffic

As of this Saturday morning, the new Port Mann Bridge is open to eight lanes of traffic. The bridge actually has ten lanes, but the remaining two won't open until demolition of the old span is finished.  Spokesperson Max Logan says that work begins this month. "The crews will begin on the approaches and then work toward the superstructure and … [Read more...]

All nine operating rooms open again at Surrey Memorial

Surrey Memorial Hospital's Emergency Department remains closed for another two weeks, following a big flood on Monday. But Fraser Health says all nine operating rooms are now open again, and will be running at full capacity to catch up on elective surgeries that were rescheduled earlier this week. More than 100 surgical proceedures that were … [Read more...]

Metrotown Skytrain station open again

Metrotown Skytrain station has now re-opened following a medical emergency earlier today. It's believed a person was struck and killed by a train. That has not been confirmed by authorities. Skytrain is still single-tracking through that station, so there may be some delays as trains are held to allow the oncoming train through.   CKNW … [Read more...]

Wood, Grey Set To “Open Windows”

Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey have joined "Timecrimes" filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo’s English-language suspense thriller "Open Windows" at Wild Bunch. Shooting kicked off this week in Madrid. The high-tech, real time thriller unfolds on the screen of an internet-connected laptop with the movie screen representing a computer desktop. The story … [Read more...]

Highway 1 once again open to all lanes

Good news for drivers near the Port Mann Bridge, crews have finished their work early - and all lanes have been re-opened around the Cape Horn Interchange. Traffic had been reduced to one-lane in each direction, as crews continue to prepare the area around the new bridge. The new Port Mann is slated to open in December, and officials say the vast … [Read more...]

Creative Commons Canada Salon – Open Licensing and the Working Artist

A large part of the origins of the Creative Commons license was the artistic sector. Join our panel of practicing artists who will share how and why they chose to use Creative Commons licenses for their works, and discuss the changing landscape of creative practice, intellectual property and participatory culture. This is the second in a series of … [Read more...]