February 21, 2018

Coast Guard union claims bully politics at play in Ottawa

The Coast Guard union is accusing the federal government of rooting out, and getting rid of, any opposition to the closure of Kitsilano Coast Guard base.  Union leader Dave Clark says a memo from Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire shows what lengths the feds went to, to close Kits base. Clark says Western Region Assistant Commissioner … [Read more...]

Ottawa approves licence for West Coast LNG terminal

The federal government has announced the approval of another long-term export licence for liquefied natural gas on the West Coast. Speaking at an international LNG conference in Vancouver, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says this is the third such licence approved since 2011. "The 25-year licence for up to 24 million tonnes of LNG to be … [Read more...]

Justice Minister sends another strongly worded letter to Ottawa

BC's Justice minister is demanding a meeting in person with the federal Fisheries minister after the sudden closure of Kits Coast Guard base.  Shirley Bond has faxed a letter to Minister Keith Ashfield expressing deep concern with the closure, especially how it was done.   When it was pointed out previous letters on this issue have … [Read more...]

Ottawa cancels internet surveillance bill

An advocate for civil liberties in BC welcomes the announcement that Ottawa is cancelling Bill C-30. That's the bill that would have allowed police to intercept and track online communications, in a bid to catch child pornographers. Micheal Vonn, policy director with the BC Civil Liberties Association, says she is thrilled how engaged Canadians … [Read more...]

BC to Ottawa: Please, no more surprises!

BC's Justice Minister says she is just as concerned as mayors are about changes to RCMP severance slipped into the last Federal Budget.  Shirley Bond says she is aware of the issue and has taken it directly to the Federal Government, "I was actually in Ottawa very recently, having been asked to speak at a policing conference on sustainability, … [Read more...]

Ottawa to consider changes for mentally ill offenders

The federal government will consider changes to how the courts deal with people found not criminally responsible for offences because of mental illness. At an event in Port Coquitlam, Heritage Minister and local MP James Moore says at the heart of the new legislation, to be tabled next year, is to protect victim families from ever coming in contact … [Read more...]

The Mayor of Vancouver is still waiting for Ottawa to show mayors the money

Vancouver's mayor says Ottawa is committed to a long term infrastructure plan but the big question still remains, how much will they put on the table. Gregor Robertson just returned from Ottawa where he pressed the feds on their infrastructure plan. "I am hopeful we have a good strong committment the question is the scale and whether the federal … [Read more...]

Union urges Ottawa to not close BC marine communications centres

It may still be falling on deaf ears, but yet another plea has been made for the federal government to reconsider shutting down Vancouver's Marine Communications Centre. Allan Hughes with CAW local 2182 insists both lives and the environment are at risk, but it remains unclear who will be held responsible if someone dies in the Port of … [Read more...]

BC’s Environment Minister asks Ottawa to rethink Coast Guard cuts

BC's Environment Minister has told the federal government the recently announced Coast Guard cuts should get a rethink.  Terry Lake is concerned about the Coast Guard response to an environmental emergency on the water, should one unfold.   "We have been calling on them to take another look at the reductions that we have seen … [Read more...]

Ottawa says almost all municipalities are happy with RCMP contract

Canada's Pubic Safety minister is playing down concerns of some mayors over the new RCMP contract.  Vic Toews says very few municipalities are unhappy with the RCMP contract and the few that are "It is either a political issue on the part of some of the municipalities or it is ..well I am not quite sure what the issue is."   Toews … [Read more...]