February 19, 2018

BC Ferries demands more of your money

The arrival of April Fools' Day this year may see an end to the Harmonized Sales Tax, but ferry travellers in BC can expect to pay at least four per cent more. Rates are going up, but Deborah Marshall with BC Ferries says frequent users will still be able to access discounts. "What we call the 'BC Ferries experience card' to give residents of … [Read more...]

Abbotsford Independent: Awards show a waste of taxpayer money

The independent candidate in Abbotsford West is demanding the Liberal government return the taxpayer money used to bring the Times of India Film awards to BC. Moe Gill says the 11 million dollars of taxpayer money used to bring the first ever Indian film awards to BC is ethnic pandering at its worst. "I think that, that is the taxpayers money and I … [Read more...]

Closure for Kits, money for Newfoundland

While the Harper government shut down the Kitsilano Coast Guard station on Tuesday, today in Newfoundland it has announced it's spending 6.6 million dollars on a few building for the life boat station in Burin. That station has been operating since 1973 and it's building is dilapidated. As well, St. John's Newfoundland will be the new headquarters … [Read more...]

Minister says relocating Liquor Distribution Warehouse doesn’t have to do with money

“It’s not entirely about the money,” says the minister responsible as the province looks at relocating the Liquor Distribution Warehouse in Vancouver. Rich Coleman says the current building is not tall enough and the operation could become more efficient in a new updated facility. But Coleman also admits the real estate it is … [Read more...]

Hillcrest says Park Board behind money missing in minutes

Minutes obtained by CKNW and never posted online by the Hillcrest Community Centre Association appear to show the books are short some money.  In the minutes of a meeting on August 23rd it says an audit has found close to 30-thousand dollars missing.  But Chair Jesse Johl says things aren't how they appear and it is actually a fiscal … [Read more...]

Lots of money at stake in film industry

Thousands of people packed North Shore Studios to rally support for the BC film industry. Many in the industry say BC is losing productions to Ontario because of tax breaks and other incentives. Cheryl Nex is the Vice-Chair of the Motion Picture Industry Association, "Their incentives are higher. When you talk about the base incentive and then … [Read more...]

VSB wants money for seismic upgrades

The Vancouver School Board is asking the provincial government for 850 million dollars as part of its latest capital plan, to help make schools safer in the event of an earthquake. In a presentation to city council, school board officials say more than half of its buildings are more than 50 years old, many of which are at a high risk for earthquake … [Read more...]

Use ad money to fix Court system

The NDP have a suggestion for the Premier instead of spending millions on government advertising why not use the money to unclog the justice system.  Leonard Krog says the guilty are walking away free, all because of the slow crawl of the Courts.  Krog says the Province could invest in legal aid instead of advertising to help speed … [Read more...]

How to raise money without raising taxes

Mayors in Metro Vancouver are looking at alternatives to property tax to raise funds after a regional symposium on finances Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says the current property tax system as a funding base is inflexable and archaic.  But when asked what model municipalities might go with as an alternative to property taxes, Brodie … [Read more...]

Expert Tips for Saving Money on Winter Trips

Our favorite financial expert is back to give us some solid tips on how to save big money on upcoming winter trips, whether they're road trips to Grandma's house or international jaunts. Fodor's Travel News … [Read more...]