February 17, 2018

Why It Pays To Be Popular In Politics

Political leaders have always been the source of controversy. Even the most loved figures, such as Nelson Mandela, were vilified by a large quantity of the population in his day. Then, you’ve got figures such as Mussolini and Stalin, who’s negative influences can still be seen now. And, elections of the past year have once again seen unpopular … [Read more...]

Suzanne Anton is back for another run at politics

She's back, a former mayoral candidate is finally getting the BC Liberals nomination she has has been looking for, after failing the first time around. The BC Liberal have made it official Suzanne Anton will be their candidate in Vancouver-Fraserview. Anton recently tried to secure the nomination in Vancouver-Quichena but lost in a race to Andrew … [Read more...]

“In bargaining and politics nothing is ever really dead.”

That from the BC Nurses Union when asked if any talks will continue to get a contract extension. Talks broke down last weekend after Premier Christy Clark went public with a desire to get nurses signed to a ten year deal. BCNU President Deb McPherson says she wants four years, not ten, "A ten year deal has not been on my mind; I know government … [Read more...]

Coast Guard union claims bully politics at play in Ottawa

The Coast Guard union is accusing the federal government of rooting out, and getting rid of, any opposition to the closure of Kitsilano Coast Guard base.  Union leader Dave Clark says a memo from Coast Guard Commissioner Marc Gregoire shows what lengths the feds went to, to close Kits base. Clark says Western Region Assistant Commissioner … [Read more...]

Pat Bell on why he’s leaving politics

  Outgoing B-C Jobs Minister Pat Bell says he feels just fine, but a heart aneurysm is spelling the end of his political career. Bell says the aneurysm was detected last fall, and he may eventually need surgery...he says it appears to be genetic rather than stress-related. He says, "stress isn't kind of a factor in terms of the artery or the … [Read more...]

Mayor of Langley city wants a shot at provincial politics

The Mayor of Langley city is trying to play coy but the cat is out of the bag and he will soon announce a jump into provincial politics. Peter Fassbender say if you are a betting person you will put two and two together ahead of his announcement tomorrow in the riding of Surrey Fleetwood. Fassbender admits he doesn't live in the riding but feels he … [Read more...]

M-L-A Slater to leave politics

Days after announcing he planned to keep his job as an independent, the M-L-A elected as a Liberal for the Boundary-Similkameen riding has withdrawn from the race. John Slater is not talking to media, but he has released a statement blaming the "politics of personal destruction" for his decision. He says the past couple weeks have been 'an … [Read more...]

Will ‘Super Sam’ return to politics?

Former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan is staying mum over rumours of a possible BC Liberal nomination bid in Vancouver-False Creek.  Sullivan did drop a hint something will be announced soon, "Oh, I am really focused on the public salons and I am just working hard and I will be putting my mind to other things tomorrow and especially on Friday. I … [Read more...]

Angus Reid releases poll on the state of BC politics

Angus Reid has released its latest litmus test of the BC political scene, and once again it doesn't have much good news for the BC Liberals. If an election was held tomorrow, the Angus Reid numbers say forty nine percent would vote NDP, twenty six percent would go Liberal. The BC Conservatives sit at sixteen percent after a rough month of internal … [Read more...]

Premier says NDP pipeline plan “nothing but politics”

Premier Christy Clark is back at work after a summer vacation, and is immediately returning fire from her nemesis Adrian Dix.  Clark says the NDP leader's call to abandon the federal review of the Enbridge Northern Gateway and launch a BC review is nothing but politics, since dix has already said he opposes the project.   "It make … [Read more...]