February 22, 2018

B.C. could cut traffic deaths in half, new SFU study suggests

A new study from Simon Fraser University suggests traffic-related deaths in B.C. could be cut in half. Health scientist Meghan Winters has compared B.C.’s rate to that of other countries, and says this province could eliminate more than 200 traffic deaths per year. She says the fact that some northern European countries have so few traffic … [Read more...]

Another poll suggests budget did little for BC Liberals

If the latest Angus Reid poll is accurate, the BC Liberals have stalled and the throne speech and budget have not helped them catch up to the NDP. Says pollster Mario Canseco: “If anything, there's a little bit of a jump for the NDP on some of the issues, particularly Adrian Dix being seen as a better economic manager than Christy … [Read more...]

New poll suggests public lukewarm to Liberals’ budget

If the BC Liberal government is banking on the new budget for a boost in the May election, a new Ipsos Reid polls suggests voters aren't convinced. Asked if they believe the budget will eventually be balanced, a paltry 12 per cent said yes, while 72 per cent said no way. There is broad support for a hike in personal and corporate taxes: 84 per cent … [Read more...]

Report suggests first steps toward an affordable city

The high-profile city task force has made its first recommendations to salvage affordable housing in Vancouver. The Housing Affordability Task Force released a progress report Monday, identifying key “quick-start” actions to be taken by city hall to stimulate affordable housing development. Those actions include fast-tracking affordable … [Read more...]

Bond suggests lawyers, judges part of court backlog problem

  Attorney-General Shirley Bond is promising to deal with the crisis in BC's court-rooms, but she suggests judges and lawyers are part of the problem. The A-G's comments come after a  BC judge said it would take the release of a child sex offender to get the government's attention to the court funding crisis. But Bond points the finger at … [Read more...]