February 22, 2018

BC Liberal’s website is election ready

The BC Liberals have revamped their website to gear up for the coming election campaign even though the writ has yet to be officially dropped.    The website now features a slate of candidates for the coming election, doing away with the old  list of MLA's and government minister's.   In the 'Take Action' section, there are … [Read more...]

Liberals charge NDP with rule breaking slush fund

The BC Liberals are accusing the NDP of operating a slush fund out of the Provincial Legislature.  This after parts of a secret report by the Auditor-General were leaked to CKNW, outlining the Auditor's concerns with a 260-thousand dollar pool of cash assembled using money intended for MLA's constituency offices.  Liberal Cabinet Minister … [Read more...]

Liberals reject idea of moving fixed election date

The Liberal government is saying "no" to moving BC's set election date to the fall, but the NDP says it's a great idea. Independent MLA's are calling for the change beginning in 2017 saying a fall election sees the budget already passed and the previous year's audited books available to the public. But Deputy Premier Rich Coleman is not … [Read more...]

Surrey Gurdwara says meetings of BC Liberals calling for Premier’s resignation didn’t happen at their facilities

The Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara says contrary to claims by registered BC Liberal Vikram Bajwa, there haven't been meetings of Indo-Canadian Community calling for Premier Christy Clark's resignation at temples in Surrey. Guru Nanak says they've been in communication with other temples across the Lower Mainland, and none of the non-partisan charitable … [Read more...]

Clark to lead Liberals into next election

BC's premier faced the media after an almost three hour cabinet meeting to try and re-affirm her leadership after a disastrous week for the Liberals. Christy Clark emerged all smiles and told waiting media the Liberals are a great group of people and everyone is on the same page. While the words were rosy, Clark actually ended the scrum before … [Read more...]

BC NDP House Leader questions investigation into BC Liberals leaked strategy to win votes

The BC New Democrats' House Leader says the resignation of Premier Christy Clark’s Deputy Chief of Staff brings up lots of questions. Those questions surround an investigation into a liberal strategy to win ethnic votes using taxpayers' money. John Horgan says among those questions is whether Kim Haakstad has already been interviewed by the … [Read more...]

Turmoil for BC Liberals

More signs of turmoil within the BC Liberal party. Surrey-Fleetwood Liberal candidate Peter Fassbender says his riding association president, and former MLA, Brenda Locke has resigned, but he knew that was coming. Fassbender also says the riding association presidents in Surrey-Green Timbers and Surrey Whalley are also on the way out. He says he … [Read more...]

Marvin Hunt running for B-C Liberals

B-C Liberals have replaced Sukh Dhaliwal with a new candidate in Surrey Panorama, but it wasn't without some drama behind the scenes. As Surrey Councillor Marvin Hunt becomes the Liberals new guy in the riding, it turns out it was at the expense of a familiar name. Sources tell CKNW former B-C Conservative Party dissident Doctor Allison Patton was … [Read more...]

Another poll suggests budget did little for BC Liberals

If the latest Angus Reid poll is accurate, the BC Liberals have stalled and the throne speech and budget have not helped them catch up to the NDP. Says pollster Mario Canseco: “If anything, there's a little bit of a jump for the NDP on some of the issues, particularly Adrian Dix being seen as a better economic manager than Christy … [Read more...]

BC Liberals gather for pre-campaign event

Election day is still months away but BC Liberals are rallying up the party faithful at a pre-campaign event. The crowd cheered on as close to 50 candidates along with their leader - Premier Christy Clark - took to the stage this morning. The Premier delivered a short speech saying she believes in a debt free future, a future - she adds - only the … [Read more...]