February 25, 2018

Outspoken MLA Heed a no-show at caucus meeting

One of the Liberal MLA's who has been among those unhappy with the way the party is going will not be in todays caucus meeting or at tomorrow's budget vote. Kash Heed says he has family matters to deal with this week and won't be in Victoria even though his party faces a confidence vote tomorrow. The second ready of the budget will be voted on and … [Read more...]

Liberal MLA not saying whether caucus members will ask Christy Clark to step down

Liberal MLA Kash Heed isn't saying whether caucus members will be asking Premier Christy Clark to step down. But Heed says people will be asking for an explanation about certain things. "People I hope, will maintain what we've discussed and call people to the carpet and hold these people accountable." Heed says there have been discussions with some … [Read more...]

Rich Coleman says the Liberal caucus is all on the same page

B.C's Deputy Premier is shaking his head at any talk of the Liberal caucus being in "chaos" ahead of next week's budget being tabled. Rich Coleman says to put it simply the talk is just ridiculous. "It really is, you know I saw some of the stuff last night and I thought these guys should actually come inside the room but we don't allow them in the … [Read more...]

Vancouver Island North MP quits federal Conservative caucus

Vancouver Island North Member of Parliament John Duncan has resigned from the federal Conservative government caucus today.  Duncan also gives up his job as Aboriginal Affairs minister. He released this statement today to explain why. “In June of 2011 I wrote a character reference letter to the Tax Court of Canada on behalf of an … [Read more...]