February 25, 2018

Liberal MLA not saying whether caucus members will ask Christy Clark to step down

Liberal MLA Kash Heed isn't saying whether caucus members will be asking Premier Christy Clark to step down. But Heed says people will be asking for an explanation about certain things. "People I hope, will maintain what we've discussed and call people to the carpet and hold these people accountable." Heed says there have been discussions with some … [Read more...]

Party logos: More Adrian Dix, less Christy Clark

With less than three months to go until election day, both of British Columbia's major political parties have altered their logos. It's a case of more Adrian Dix and less Christy Clark. The BC Liberals have removed any reference to the premier from the party logo -- which now reads: "Today's BC Liberals." The logo previously featured Christy … [Read more...]

Deputy Premier says people need to give Christy Clark a chance

The Deputy Premier is dismissing an Angus Reid poll which seems to show the public is none too fond of Christy Clark.  Rich Coleman was asked if he was surprised respondants to the poll found the premier to be "out of touch" "arrogant" "secretive" and "inefficient." "Yeah because she is not any of those. If I wanted to describe her she is one … [Read more...]

Christy Clark fundraiser cancelled

A BC Liberal fundraiser featuring Premier Christy Clark in Victoria tonight has been cancelled. Party spokesperson Sam Oliphant says the event will be rescheduled in the new year. Oliphant says members of the federal Liberal and Conservative parties are too busy working on the Victoria by-election to take time out for a fundraiser, so the dinner … [Read more...]

Union leaders question Christy Clark’s claims Chinese miners are temporary

Premier Christy Clark's defence of Chinese workers being brought here to work at a new coal mine has angered local union leaders. Scott Lunny with the United Steel Workers says the government needs to immediately investigate recruiters accused of making false promises to would-be migrants who've been told they will be allowed to bring their … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Christy Clark shuffles cabinet

Premier Christy Clark has shuffled her cabinet in Victoria. Below is the release from the Provincial government.   Office of the Premier Premier Christy Clark Announces Cabinet Renewal VICTORIA - Premier Christy Clark today renewed her cabinet with a focus on a strong and growing economy, controlling spending and  making life more … [Read more...]

Christy Clark heading back to Asia, taxpayers’ group wonders why

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is questioning the need for Christy Clark's latest trip to Asia -- her third since becoming premier last year. On September 11, Clark will attend the World Economic Forum's 'Meeting of the New Champions,' taking place this year in Tianjin, China. The premier will also visit Hong Kong and Beijing for meetings … [Read more...]

Christy Clark in for a fight in Vancouver-Point Grey

It looks like you can pencil in the premier's name onto the ballot for riding of Vancouver-Point Grey next provincial election.   Christy Clark initially said she didn't know if she would run again in the riding after narrowly winning last year's by-election  but now...  "I am running in the next election and my plan is for sure … [Read more...]

Christy Clark comments on Liquor Distribution Branch controversy

Premier Christy Clark has offered her first comments in the wake of NDP claims that the proposed privatization of the Liquor Distribution Branch is being driven by lobbyists with strong Liberal ties. Thursday it was revealed the government seems to have only decided to privatize the LDB after meeting the Vice-President of Exel Logistics last … [Read more...]

Christy Clark continues to fade in the polls

If she didn't think it could get worse... it has. The latest poll numbers show Premier Christy Clark's popularity continues to slide, while her opponent's is on the rise. According to the Angus Reid survey, Clark is the second least popular premier in the country, with an approval rating of just 30 per cent. That's 3 points lower than her rating in … [Read more...]