February 25, 2018

Keeping Connected this Holiday Season

Source The holiday season is a time to spend with loved ones. Family dinners, friends meeting and catching up over a drink or two at the pub, and a plethora of board games, games of charades, and more. Tis the season to put the smartphones down and talk face-to-face. But in today’s world, it’s never that easy, is it? Be it by trying to cheat … [Read more...]

Accused online predator Edward Hilts still in Canada

More than a month after an accused child predator lost his latest bid to stay in Canada, Edward Hilts is still here.  The American citizen, wanted for trying to lure a 14-year old girl online, is attempting to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.  This, after a lower court upheld a ruling ordering his extradition to the United … [Read more...]

New online database offers renters in Vancouver support

The city considered the most expensive in Canada is now offering help to people who can't afford to buy a home in Vancouver. The Rental Standards Database offers an online search of residential buildings, so renters can make more informed decisions. Mayor Gregor Robertson says most landlords treat tenants with respect, but this database keeps … [Read more...]

Premier goes online to try and save Kits Coast Guard

The Premier has taken to Youtube to denounce the Federal Government decision to close the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base.  In the video Christy Clark calls the decision 'disappointing" and adds response times will increase threatening the safety of those in harbour.  Clark also says the new inshore rescue boat in Stanley Park still leaves … [Read more...]

Verizon adds NFL Network and NFL RedZone to FiOS TV Online

Those fortunate enough to be in a FiOS region have enjoyed the NFL's RedZone channel for years now, and those with iPads have been able to stream some of that content to their tablet since 2010. Viewing the NFL online, however, right in a desktop browser, has proven to be nearly impossible. Blame it on popularity, licensing, piracy concerns -- … [Read more...]

Obama signs Safe Web Act into law, extends FTC power to combat online scam artists

See that guy? The one in the bubble? He's probably up to no good. Thanks to President Obama, however, he's going to have a much harder time duping innocent young ladies like the one also shown here. Per The Hill, the POTUS has just signed into law the Safe Web Act, which extends the Federal Trade Commission's authority to "clamp down on Internet … [Read more...]

New online tool to fight bullying

The Premier is hailing a new online reporting tool as a new way to fight bullying in schools. Christy Clark says kids at school will be able to use a new website to report being a victim of bullying. She says, "the report will go directly to the Safe School co-ordindator at the school and the name of the individual who reported it will never be … [Read more...]

WWZ, “Bodies,” “Les Mis” Trailers Online

It's titled "World War Z," but the first trailer for Marc Forster's film adaptation seemingly has no real relation to the book on which it is based other than the title and the global scale of the event. In fact a much closer comparison is a Roland Emmerich film, "The Dead After Tomorrow" perhaps. The heavily CG zombie tsunami effect will divide … [Read more...]

First “World War Z” Footage Online

"Entertainment Tonight" will premiere the first trailer for Paramount’s epic zombie film "World War Z" on Thursday, but they've already posted up the first footage of the Marc Forster-directed project. From the single protagonist in Pitt to the very CG zombie tsunami shots, the film doesn't really resemble the beloved book in anyway. Whether the … [Read more...]

Dispelling the Myth of Online Privacy

Join us for an evening with Gabriel Dhahan, owner and primary consultant from Function5 Solutions. Through his talk, Dhahan aims to dispel the myth of online privacy and to provide tips on how to protect yourself as best as possible while engaging online. We spend an increasing amount of time online and there is an assumption that our privacy is … [Read more...]