January 23, 2018

Warning for those heading into back country ski areas during BC’s first February long weekend

If you're spending the Province’s First Family Day weekend in the backcountry of BC's Southern Interior, the Canadian Avalanche Centre has a warning for you. Karl Klassen with the centre says the snow pack right now, is in a state of change, after a very stable winter. He adds the forecast is for sunny skies this weekend, and if the … [Read more...]

BC’s Justice Minister hasn’t considered financial impact of tougher restrictions on those not criminally responsible

BC’s Justice Minister says she's already working with the Federal Government to ensure tougher restrictions involving people found not responsible for serious crimes are approved quickly. "We've been very aggressive about this agenda. Generally, I'm very pleased,” says Shirley bond.  Bond says --at this point-- there have been no … [Read more...]

Restrictions increasing for those found not criminally responsible

Almost five years after a man murdered his three children in Merritt, the federal government has promised more restrictions on people found not responsible for violent crimes. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the legislation after meeting with Darcie Clarke... the mother of the two boys and a girl killed by her former husband Allan … [Read more...]

BC fire chiefs offer condolences to those mourning loss of New York firefighters

Fire chiefs here in BC are offering their condolences to the families and colleagues of the firefighters killed in Webster, New York. Fire Chiefs' Association of BC President, Len Garis calls the circumstances around the deaths extremely tragic. He adds firefighters know that risk is inherent to the job, but says this is something no one ever … [Read more...]

RCMP: Those posting hurtful messages on web pages for Amanda Todd run risk of being criminally charged

The RCMP say more than 400 tips have been received in connection with the death of Amanda Todd. The 15-year old took her own life this week -- after years of bullying -- much of it online. But even in death -- Amanda is still the target of heartless online abuse. From online trollers posting hurtful messages and images on pages dedicated to … [Read more...]

Warning to those looking for PNE parking

If you think parking at the PNE is expensive, wait until you hear about the potential fines for illegally parking in the neighbourhood.Fines start at $ 100 for those who illegally park, while residents who allow illegal parking could be smacked with a $ 2000 fine.Taryn Scollard with the City of Vancouver says finding alternative transportation … [Read more...]

It’s not good news for those living in the Fraser Health Region

An internal Fraser Health Authority Report shows a hike in emergency room visits and the number of days patients are in hospital putting even more pressure on a system already at capacity which may be preventing some from getting the care they need.   The report says in the fiscal year 2011-2012 there was a 7.3-per cent increase in ER visits, … [Read more...]

Saskatchewan Lane, Nunavut Lane, how do those sound?

Looks like Vancouver could get some new, more Canadian street names. A report to be tabled at City Council next week recommends naming the lane east of Cambie Street, between southwest Marine and West 64th, after the Territory. As well as naming the roadway west of Granville, north of West 70th, after the Prairie. What could soon become Nunavut … [Read more...]

Editorial: Windows Phone 8 looks good, but can it uproot those entrenched in other ecosystems?

At the tail end of Microsoft's marathon Windows Phone Summit keynote, the company's own Kevin Gallo said the following: "Everyone in the Windows ecosystem benefits." He was waxing poetic about the myriad new features coming to the outfit's latest and greatest mobile operating system, and nothing about his quote was incorrect. Developers will adore … [Read more...]

For those on flood watch in Langley, the magic number is 6.3

With about 150 properties on evacuation alert, all eyes in Langley are on the water-level gauge in Mission. If the Fraser River reaches 6 metres there, residents in Langley are supposed to prepare to leave. And at 6.3 metres, it's time to skedaddle. So far, residents are watching and waiting, like this woman walking at Derby Reach Campground, … [Read more...]