February 21, 2018

BC Police Complaints Commissioner loses Wu case

The B-C Police Complaint Commissioner has lost an appeal to call a public hearing into the Yao Wei Wu case of alleged police misconduct. The B-C Court of Appeal has dismissed the Commisioner's request to hold a public hearing into the Vancouver man's case. Three years ago two police officers attending a domestic dispute call mistook Wu for someone … [Read more...]

Accused child predator from the US loses latest bid to stay in Canada

An accused child predator has lost his latest bid to stay in Canada. The BC Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling ordering the extradition of Edward Hilts to the United States where the American citizen is wanted for trying to lure a 14-year old girl online. The 66-year old failed to prove procedural mistakes were made by federal Justice … [Read more...]

UPDATES: Auditor General loses bid for more BC Rail documents

BC's Chief BC Supreme Court judge has blocked the latest attempt to explain why the legal fees of two convicted criminals, linked to the BC Rail scandal, were paid by the province. Auditor General John Doyle has been seeking access to documents currently covered by lawyer-client privilege. They involve taxpayers spending six million dollars to end … [Read more...]

HD mining loses human rights complaint against unions

Now that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has tossed out a complaint from a Chinese miner hired to work in Northern BC, local union leaders continue their fight to find out why jobs at the new mine in Tumbler Ridge were not offered to Canadians. "Maybe they should file a complaint on the federal and provincial government." Steve Hunt with the … [Read more...]

“Uncharted” Loses Director, Gains Scribes

"National Treasure" film series scribes Marianne and Cormac Wibberley have been set to rewrite the script for the big-budget video game series adaptation "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" at Sony Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and Arad Productions says Variety. Based on the first game in Naughty Dog's acclaimed and popular Playstation game series, the … [Read more...]

Little School that could loses principal

Parents at David Livingstone Elementary are upset about the District changing principals at their, "little school that could" PAC spokesperson Sharon Jacobs says 12 year principal David Brook is being moved out as the Vancouver School District makes some changes.  Jacobs says the administrative shuffle affecting staff across the district is a … [Read more...]

Provincial government loses another bid to keep IBM contract secret

The B.C. government has lost another round in its eight-year battle to withhold the details of an out-sourcing contract with IBM. BC Supreme Court Justice Keith Bracken has rejected the government's appeal of a Freedom of Information ruling requiring it to release details of the $ 300-million deal with IBM. Bracken says the government could not … [Read more...]

Officer loses handgun during chase

Vancouver Police are searching for a firearm lost by one of their own. The Sig Sauer P-226 pistol was dropped during a foot chase near Oppenheimer Park around three o' clock yesterday afternoon. Witnesses reported seeing a man pick up the gun in the park, but he hasn't returned it, and police have confirmed it may be loaded. The pistol belongs to … [Read more...]

Eagle Ridge loses 3 hospitalists

  The Vice-President of the BC Nurses Union is concerned that three hospitalists at Coquitlam's Eagle Ridge Hospital have apparently been let go. Janice Buchanan says she doesn't know why. She says nurses are concerned because fewer hospitalists impacts how patients are looked after in the Emergency Ward, "The nurses rely heavily on the … [Read more...]

Aquitted Air India suspect loses bid to reclaim money

  Ripudaman Singh Malik has lost a bid to reclaim money he was forced to pay the BC government for his defence at the Air India trial. The man acquitted of plotting Canada's worst act of terrorism claimed a loan agreement he made was signed under duress. The BC Court of Appeal has upheld a February ruling, ordering him to return 6.3-million … [Read more...]