February 17, 2018

Premier wants to meet the public, not reporters

It appears the Premier is shifting gears when it comes to getting her message out to the public. For the last couple of days it's been difficult for reporters to track down Christy Clark. She refused to stop and take questions last Friday at an event in Vancouver. Yesterday she greeted commuters along the Broadway corridor during the morning rush … [Read more...]

Liberal cabinet minister wants complaining back benchers to shut up

Premier Christy Clark doesn't seem worried but at least one cabinet minister is getting fed up with complaining from the Liberal back bench. The latest to publicly criticize the Premier is her former leadership rival Kevin Falcon, but several other MLA's have recently let it be known they're not happy with the boss. Clark herself shrugs it … [Read more...]

Fire Chief wants restrictions on fireworks

Saying current rules are too difficult to enforce, Vancouver's  fire chief has asked city council to ban the use of fireworks on private property. Chief John McKearney says he would like to see use restricted to only five days a year including New Year's Eve and Halloween. He says significant improvements have been made since 2007 when 41 … [Read more...]

Schoenborn wants to be transferred

Allan Schoenborn will not be released from a psychiatric hospital in Port Coquitlam, and instead, has asked for a transfer to a similar institution in Selkirk, Manitoba. A decision on the request is expected later today or tomorrow. Shoenborn was found not criminally responsible for killing his three kids in Merritt in 2008. CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

Mayor of Langley city wants a shot at provincial politics

The Mayor of Langley city is trying to play coy but the cat is out of the bag and he will soon announce a jump into provincial politics. Peter Fassbender say if you are a betting person you will put two and two together ahead of his announcement tomorrow in the riding of Surrey Fleetwood. Fassbender admits he doesn't live in the riding but feels he … [Read more...]

BCCLA wants to halt roll out of new BC Services card

The BC Civil Liberties Association is calling on the government to halt the roll out of the BC Services card. The government wants the multipurpose I-D card to replace the old Care Card, and phase one of the rollout is set for February 15th. But Michael Vonn with the BC Civil Liberties Association says major privacy concerns have not been … [Read more...]

Vancouver’s Mayor wants immediate action for film and TV sector

The Mayor of Vancouver wants the provincial government to make immediate changes to keep film productions from leaving town. Gregor Robertson says the provincial tax credit system needs to be adjusted to match those in other provinces. Robertson has tabled a motion callng for a letter to be  written to the premier and the prime minister … [Read more...]

North Shore Wetland Partners president wants to save eagles nest

The president of North Shore Wetland Partners is trying to save an eagles nest he says hasn't been abandoned. Paul Berlinguette says Port Metro Vancouver tried to chop down the tree holding the nest this week, claiming it was abandoned, and will try again soon to make way for the low level road project. "We have pictures of the two of them in there … [Read more...]

Cancer society wants further restrictions on smoking

The BC government is being urged to support further restrictions on outdoor smoking. The request comes from the Canadian Cancer Society. The society's Kathryn Seely says BC needs to follow the lead of four other provinces and designate outdoor patios of bars and restaurants as well as beaches, parks and playgrounds smoke-free. She adds 30 BC … [Read more...]

VSB wants money for seismic upgrades

The Vancouver School Board is asking the provincial government for 850 million dollars as part of its latest capital plan, to help make schools safer in the event of an earthquake. In a presentation to city council, school board officials say more than half of its buildings are more than 50 years old, many of which are at a high risk for earthquake … [Read more...]