February 19, 2018

BC Ferries demands more of your money

The arrival of April Fools' Day this year may see an end to the Harmonized Sales Tax, but ferry travellers in BC can expect to pay at least four per cent more. Rates are going up, but Deborah Marshall with BC Ferries says frequent users will still be able to access discounts. "What we call the 'BC Ferries experience card' to give residents of … [Read more...]

Snow disrupts travel for busses, YVR, and BC Ferries

It's getting colder out there, creating havoc for bus drivers in Metro Vancouver. Translink spokesman Derek Zabel says the early-morning commute wasn't bad. But the snow is now turning to ice on the roads Buses are slipping around everywhere, but here's one of the worst areas reported by drivers: "Basically the West Side of Vancouver right now is a … [Read more...]

Concerns over BC Ferries switch to cable system for Denman Island route

The NDP’s Ferry Critic says the Government needs to prove a cable ferry system is safe before moving forward. This after an announcement Friday the run between Buckley Bay and Denman Island will be switched to the system starting in 2014. Gary Coons says communities have to be properly consulted.    He says telling a community … [Read more...]

Your input, please, on BC Ferries

The province wants your input on what, if any, BC Ferry sailings should be cut to help the corporation's bottom line. BC Ferry Commissioner Gord Macatee says viurtally all cost cutting measures have been implemented so what's left on the chopping block is service levels.  " There's a hundred and eighty six thousand sailings in the system - … [Read more...]

Ferries boss considers change to fare structure

The man in charge of BC Ferries says the corporation is looking to change its fare structure. "We want to go to a more dynamic pricing model – time of day, time of week, demand-type pricing,” says CEO Mike Corrigan. "But that's going to require the right reservation and point-of-sale system, which we currently don't have. "It's also … [Read more...]

Low turnout for BC Ferries Annual General Meeting

Despite being widely publicized, fewer than 50 people turned out for the BC Ferries Annual General Meeting in Vancouver. Most people attending the AGM at a downtown building easily accessible by transit are board members, labour leaders and media. Only a few members of the public showed up. Several reports printed for those attending remain on a … [Read more...]

Share your thoughts at BC Ferries AGM

If you have comments -- or complaints -- about BC Ferries, Friday is your opportunity to sound off. The semi Crown corporation is holdings its annual general meeting in downtown Vancouver. President Mike Corrigan says public feedback is welcome. "Our annual general meeting gives the public an opportunity to come hear what the ferry system has … [Read more...]

BC Ferries cuts back

BC Ferries is cutting more weekend sailings on the Tsawwassen-Duke Point route. The cuts take effect when the fall schedule resumes in October. The first sailing on Saturdays will be 7:45am from either side, with the last boat leaving at 3:15pm. BC Ferries' Deborah Marshall claims it's in response to customer feedback. "We certainly hear from … [Read more...]

Undersea cable will drag Denman ferries

People living on Denman Island don't seem to be onboard with the idea of a new cable ferry running to Buckley Bay. That according to NDP MLA Nicholas Simons who attended Thursdays meeting.  Simons says people spent hours asking BC Ferries representatives questions, "I think Denman Islanders are concerned that it is untested technology. Will it … [Read more...]

BC Ferries bosses earn boatloads of cash

The bosses at BC Ferries made a boatload of cash last year, but the board of directors says it's actually cutting costs in the executive suite. He retired last December, but former BC Ferries president David Hahn still finished the fiscal year with $ 1.1 million in earnings. His replacement, Mike Corrigan, earned more than $ 900,000, while … [Read more...]