January 18, 2018

Mixing Up Your Daily Basics

Image Everyone has habits and routines that have been in place for way too long - and a lot of those fall onto our food. Most people have a handful of meals that they know how to cook with their eyes closed and have them on repeat each week. There are staple parts of their diet that have only become a stable because you’re so used to picking it up … [Read more...]

Mind, Body, Sports

Image source We all know that sports and regular exercise are good for our bodies, helping us to lose weight, stay trim and keep everything from our hearts to our lungs strong and stable, but did you know that sports can have an extremely positive effect on the mind too? If you’ve ever been anxious, depressed or otherwise troubled by your … [Read more...]

Online Health Products: Debunking The Mad Myths

Everyone is constantly striving for perfection when it comes to their health. There is always one friend who has found the latest diet and swears it’s going to have miraculous results. The truth is that if there was one magical product that could fix everybody’s lumps and bumps, you would know about it. The online world leads us to believe that it … [Read more...]

Healthy Living In The Digital Age: How Your Phone Could Help Your Health

We often read a lot about the dangers of living in a digital era. Perhaps we are less sociable than we used to be, and maybe we are under more pressure as a result of social media. That said, there are major benefits of having advanced technology at our fingertips. You may think that the best thing about your phone is the ability to access … [Read more...]

Why Golf Can Boost Health & Happiness

As anyone that plays golf knows, golf is a game that is both physically and mentally demanding, which is what makes it so beneficial when it comes to health. Golf might not be considered a physical sport like football or basketball, but the fact is it’s still a great source of exercise and physical activity, as it involves a lot of walking and … [Read more...]