February 20, 2018

BC NDP House Leader questions investigation into BC Liberals leaked strategy to win votes

The BC New Democrats' House Leader says the resignation of Premier Christy Clark’s Deputy Chief of Staff brings up lots of questions. Those questions surround an investigation into a liberal strategy to win ethnic votes using taxpayers' money. John Horgan says among those questions is whether Kim Haakstad has already been interviewed by the … [Read more...]

BC Conservatives say Premier is wooing votes with Bollywood show

The leader of the BC Conservative Party is accusing the Premier of using the Times of India Awards show as a deliberate vote getting strategy.  John Cummins says Premier Christy Clark is looking to copy what happened in the last Ontario election. "The Dalton McGuinty government using that as a springboard to garnering more votes out of the … [Read more...]

Surrey City Council votes down casino and entertainment complex proposal

Surrey City Council has decided to reject the controversial casino and entertainment complex. By a vote of 5 to 4, with Surrey Mayor Diane Watts holding the deciding vote, Surrey said no thanks to the casino project. Terry McNiece who led the group opposing the casino plan was asked if it was a David beats Goliath moment. "Not really.  I mean … [Read more...]

NYC’s taxi commission votes ‘yes’ to one-year trial of cab-hailing apps

Despite copious quantities of bickering between the New York City taxi commission and Uber (amongst others), it looks as if said entity is going to give this whole "21st century" thing a whirl. Skift is reporting that the commission voted just moments ago to allow a one-year trial of taxi-hailing apps, with seven members voting "yes" and two … [Read more...]

Gang police in Canada react to marijuana votes in US

Now that voters in Washington and Colorado have said yes to de-criminalizing marijuana, it's still business as usual for police in Canada. Sergeant Lindsey Houghton with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of BC says it could be a long time before those initiatives become law. "You're talking about the possession of about an ounce which I … [Read more...]

U-S marijuana, same-sex votes could have big impact on BC

BC'S Tourism Minister admits our tourism industry may suffer if some U-S states de-criminalize marijuana, and more vote to legalize same-sex marriage. Pat Bell says he's closely watching what happens in California, Washington, Colorado and Oregon. "If the various initiatives pass of course there's further due diligence that needs to be done in … [Read more...]

Votes by Licensed Practical Nurses still yet to be counted in union battle

With two unions battling over licensed practical nurses, the counting of ballots LPN's cast back in June, still, has yet to start.   BC's Health Minister Margaret Macdiarmid was asked if she has concerns over the three months and counting in getting LPN's ballots tabulated.     "You know I know that this issue is with the … [Read more...]

BCGEU votes in favour of job action

One of the largest unions in BC has voted in favour of strike action. Members of the BC Government Employees' Union have vote 82 percent for a strike. But that doesn't mean job action is a sure thing. Contract talks with the provincial government are set to resume May 23rd. Wages are the main outstanding issue.   CKNW Vancouver News … [Read more...]

Park Board votes against pipeline proposal

The Vancouver Park Board has approved a motion opposing expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline. Commissioner Niki Sharma put the motion forward. She was asked how much of an impact she thinks the motion will have on potentially stopping the project, "We have to do what we can do, we must do when it comes to this proposed … [Read more...]

Catalyst Paper: one union votes down deal

RICHMOND, B.C. - Specialty paper producer Catalyst Paper Corp. (TSX:CTL) says that one of the unions at its Crofton mill in B.C. has rejected a new contract that must be ratified as part of the company's new refinancing plan to stay alive.The Richmond, B.C.,-based company, which has been struggling to emerge from its financial woes, said Monday … [Read more...]